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FAQs & Support

How to get started?

To get started, complete sign up and purchase a plan. Once completed, you will complete a form providing us with the platform you publish content on as well as the usernames you want to protect. We do not require any passwords or confidential information to protect your content.

What can you remove?

We remove links, images, videos and more that were not consented to be shared by yourself. We remove links and images from Google direct, this eliminates website traffic by up to 95%, meaning it limits visibility whilst we wait for the host sites to action DMCA

Why Content Glider?

Quality, Service & Price.

We provide top quality service at an extremely affordable price for our customers. Our dedicated team ensure we live up to your standards and address your concerns as fast as possible.

Content protection takes time, as your copyright agents, we save you over between 4-8 hours per week removing content.

How often do you remove content?

Depending on the plan you select, we provide constant protection to all customers. This means we search every single day. Often alternative providers will bulk remove content however leave crawls of images online and only action take downs once a month.

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