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What is Content Glider?

We offer content protection for digital creators

From DMCA takedowns, Search engine removals, we act as your copyright agents, protecting your content and saving your time.

How It Works

Step 1

Select Plan & Sign Up

Select the Plan that fits your needs and continue sign up. Here you will be asked to provide any username you want protected by Content Glider

Step 2

Confirmation Email

We send you a confirmation email of what username you want protected, as well as an authorization form, you can also add any other usernames or search terms.

Step 3


Once completed, the Content Glider team will issue takedowns for DMCA & Search Removal. We then continue this process daily.

Let Content Glider Do the Work

We monitor the web, issue takedowns and manually handle leaked content with our systems.
We protect your content in the background.

Get Started with Content Glider today.

Find out why over 500 creators have chosen Content Glider as their copyright agent specialists.

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