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The importance of removing your leaked content, from search engines.

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If you’re a creator who has recently discovered your content is appearing all over Google and other search engines, here is some information that will help you understand why you need to stay on top of removals and promptly have your content removed.

How easy is it to access this content?

When content is leaked and posted to host websites, they often get indexed into Google search, a simple search of your username along with key terms such as “nude” and more, will usually reveal a host of leaked images. By simply clicking these images, you can then click “visit site” which often leads to troves more of your content on these sites. Yes, it really is that easy.

What is the damage or impact to the creator?

It all comes back to how important exclusivity is to you. Potential clients or subscribers are less likely to buy or subscribe to readily available content that’s free. I mean, would you? If you could easily search for your favorite content and not pay a dime, you’d most likely do it. So, let’s flip this, if you see an incredible creator and can’t find their content, what are you most likely going to do??? That’s right, subscribe.

Some of the potential damages of leaked content appearing on search engines.

  • Loss of privacy

  • Loss of revenue due to material being readily available, this means you’re less likely to get gain a subscriber.

  • Potential for further leaks which would make your content more readily available.

With all these reasons considered, you can see just how detrimental this can be to your brand and business. Now, in terms of having your content removed from these websites, that’s a whole different and more complex scenario to handle, so for now, we’ll stick to search engines only and address website removals in another post.

How do I remove leaked content off Google?

You can do it yourself… Google has an incredible service where you can report content breaches for removal. The downside? Your time… Depending on the amount of content leaked, sites, and a variety of other factors, this can be incredibly time consuming and confusing for some. One of our clients, left us an incredible review recently as she was spending 2 hours every other day having to report content breaches.

She loved the fact that she could invest her time back into creating more content rather than having to worry about leaks and having to search the internet every day, scared of her content reappearing.

What are the benefits of having the content removed from search engines?

The benefits are incredible for the creator, to list a few

  • Eliminates up to 95% of web traffic to sites hosting your infringed content.

  • Creates more exclusivity for your brand and content.

  • Further protects your identity.

With these reasons, you can see why you need to really have a good protection process in place for search engines.

So why choose Content Glider?

It’s simple, we dedicate our team to ensuring we get the results you want and give our creators more time back in their days. We have a team that monitors search engines daily and issues removal requests quickly to ensure any leaked content is taken care of.

Here are some more benefits of our service.

  • Daily Protection – We monitor all search engines and set up content alerts, this alerts our team that content has been shared.

  • Removal Requests – Our team complete removal requests.

  • DMCA Takedown – We issue DMCA take down requests on behalf of our clients.

At the end of the day, we strive to deliver exceptional service. We want to give power back to our creators, take away the stress and the time-consuming issues and overall, protect your content.

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