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What We Do

Remove Unauthorized Content Online

Once approved, we start the process for DMCA removals of your content that has been shared online without your permission.

We take the hard work out of the removal process and file all the relevant forms for search engine removals as well as contact host sites for removal.


Search Engine Removal

We have your content removed from search engines, this eliminates close to 95% of web traffic. This includes links, images and videos.

Content Moitoring

Content Monitoring

With our services, we continually monitor the web, removing newly shared files, images and links.

Protection Online Content Glider

Social Media Protection

Our dedicated team monitor social media for potential leaks and act promptly.

File Site Removal

File Site Protection

The team at Content Glider search message boards, forums and more, which usually share file links such as Gofile, MEGA and Dropbox. The team issues removals for these files.

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Read the latest tips around protecting your digital content.

Protecting Your Digital Content

Trusted by digital creators.

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Why Choose, Content Glider?

SEO Monitoring

Search Engine Monitoring

We have a dedicated team that manually uses a wide variety of search terms to find your content. This allows us to continually find leaks before they're shared at a mass level.


This is valid across both web search and image search.

Save Time Content Glider

Save Time, Focus On Your Content

On average, we can typically spend up to 8 hours doing removals before we are content, this includes finding content, issuing DMCA take downs and processing search removals.


Even once removed, content will continually pop up and it takes time to continually remove these, as a creator, you can better spend your time with content creation rather than protection. We do the work.

Removal Process

Glider Transparency Policy

At Content Glider, we don't work with any websites and our interests are purely based on helping you remove content.


We are fully transparent in the fact that not everything can be removed directly from hosting sites however we do contact the appropriate hosting providers in an aim to remove your content whilst also having them removed from search engines.

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